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                                   Suppliers of BA BSW BSF UNC UNF METRIC screws nuts bolts fasteners 
                                        including small screws & fasteners for model makers and engineers

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                 socket head cap Metric BA                                                      Totem HQS taps & dies

                 socket head cap BSF BSW UNF UNC                                       hexagon wrenches page 1

                 countersunk socket head                                                         hexagon wrenches page 2

                 button head socket                                                                  HSS jobber drills

                 socket head shoulder                                                               spring pins

                 socket set (grub)                                                                       dowel pins

                 cheesehead csk roundhead panhead studding                        Draper Tools clearance

                 hexagonal set screws & bolts

                 mild steel nuts & washers                                                         screw comparison chart

                 stainless steel screws nuts & washers                                       the complete stocklist

                 brass screws nuts & washers                                                     workshop discount pack over 60% off



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