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Emkay Screw Supplies  

BA     BSW     BSF     UNC     UNF     METRIC     Machine Screws

Socket Head Cap   Countersunk   Grub   Shoulder   Button     

        socket cap       

      socket countersunk     


      socket set {grub)     

          socket shoulder   


also stockists of hexagonal set screws, steel & brass slotted screws

no minimum order        prompt service        telephone  01634 717256


 socket cap screws - Metric BA

 taps & dies

 socket cap screws - BSF BSW UNF UNC

 hexagon wrenches - page 1
 socket countersunk screws  hexagon wrenches - page 2
 socket button screws  drills
 socket shoulder screws  spring pins
 socket set (grub) screws  dowel pins
 slotted steel machine screws  tools
 hexagonal set screws & bolts  workshop discount pack
 mild steel nuts & washers  nut & washer pack
 stainless steel screws nuts & washers  screw comparison chart
 brass screws nuts & washers  links

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