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How do I file for Trademark Registration

Trademark registration in the USA is a mandatory process. Legal protection of your trademark is a must. However there are numerous benefits. One of them is the full legal rights for your trademark which you have legally acquired. This means that if you suffer harm by your intellectual property rights you will be able to sue the parties responsible.

The exclusive ownership of your trademark is the second benefit. It is possible to register your trademark with USPTO indefinitely. Even if you no longer produce or sell products or services with the trademark, your registration status is still valid. The trademark registration can be affected by any changes in name, symbol, design, etc.

If you register your trademark in the USA as sole proprietor, you are not required to submit your name, address and date of birth however, you must to provide the name of the individual who will be held responsible for such business operations. You are not required to disclose your trade name, address, etc. for a period of ten years after the date you registered your trademark in the USA. The expiry of the registration does no mean that the rights of an owner registered with the trademark have disappeared. This is merely a notification that the trademark you have registered is not valid anymore and can no longer be registered. After ten year, rights will expire and must be renewed in order to be able to use the trademark again.

Trademark registration in the USA can be done within two years from the submission of the application. The trademark is registered as an US trademark after successful registration. In case you fail to do so and the trademark registration in the USA is cancelled automatically since the trademark is deemed to be abandoned by the USPTO. It means that the trademark was registered but rights were not renewed. It is possible to renew the registration by filing an application. However, this procedure requires that you file another application within 6 weeks.

Before you can file your trademark in the USA You must decide if your brand’s name or logo is unique and cannot be copied by anyone else. If you plan to use colors, fonts, or other distinctive elements, you need to apply for registration at the USPTO. This includes elements like slogans images, designs patterns, drawings, and sketches. Registration is required if you intend to sell your products in America.

A trademark application will not be complete without a clear sketch or description of the goods/designs you wish to protect. The applicant needs to provide the original copy of the design that was created by him. The drawing must be in high-quality. To ensure that the item submitted is original and original, the USPTO office will require a prescription.

If you’re applying for trademark registrations within the USA There is another option. It is called the option for foreign applications. The foreign application must include one original document and six translations. Each translation document has to be supported by a translator’s signature certification. The entire process can take between six and one-year, and costs the equivalent to applying for an US patent.

Trademark registration can be difficult for trademark registration in the USA. The process could take months of study and numerous drafts before you are able to file the necessary documents. This is a possibility with the right amount of patience, skill, and experience.