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Online Nuans Name Research


NUANS name searches are an automated search that compares the proposed company/business name against other names or trade marks in databases. This compares your proposed name with any existing name that we have in our database. A list of possible names is created. To further consider, the suggested names are sent to you. You can choose to reject or suggest alternative names if the suggested names don’t suit your needs. The suggestions are then analyzed. Then the final choices are made.

Individuals and businesses alike often choose to incorporate under both federal or provincial law. However, many jurisdictions have different definitions of what constitutes ‘residents in the context of incorporating a company. Businesses frequently need to determine whether they must incorporate in a particular or other jurisdiction. A qualified attorney who is skilled in federal and provincial incorporation law, is essential. Because of the differences in these areas, a lawyer who is qualified should not only know the procedure for incorporation in each one, but also understand the criteria that must be fulfilled for each jurisdiction to be admitted.

If the suggested names are identical to existing Canadian corporations, then the procedure for incorporation will be similar. This involves providing a written notice that the corporation has been designated, meeting all requirements, submitting necessary documents to the provincial government office and paying applicable administrative fees. To form a new corporation, however, you will likely have to take additional steps if the names suggested are not identical to existing Canadian corporations. Incorporating the business in the province where the business is located is one of these steps. A formal application to the appropriate provincial office could also be necessary. Name search technology from Nuans could assist in making these tasks simpler by suggesting business names operating in the province which may lead to better matching of the name being utilized for incorporation.

The next step is to conduct the search itself. The search can be made on the internet by visiting several websites. In some cases you might need to provide additional information, such as the business name registration to conduct a preliminary name search. The use of a search engine will help determine if the name you sought is available through the search criteria.

If multiple matches lead you to the best name, such as two companies who are willing to do business together under the umbrella of Nuans, then additional steps may be required. It is common to submit additional details during the initial name search. The sheer number of websites to be compared can make the name search take some time. It could take anywhere from 4 to 6 days to finish business registrations and other information dependent on how fast your search is and how many websites are involved.

The advanced features of Nuans search system permit to conduct a more thorough search for business name registrations after the initial phase is completed. There are a variety of criteria to help you find the right matching. Once the preliminary plan have been searched, a available business name is shown. Companies can register their names using the details provided to make sure they are prepared to launch their business as soon as they can. When submitting information, you can include your business address as well as first name in certain cases.

In addition, the information entered into the online form could be cross-checked with data provided by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development to confirm that the name of the company that is registered is the correct one. This crucial step ensures that the Ontario corporate name will be unique and won’t be confused or misinterpreted with other registered business names. Businesses can seek a report about the name of their business using provincial searchable data bases to update or create the Ontario corporate registry.

After all the details and initial steps are completed After all the preliminary steps are completed, the business name registered will show up in the search results as quickly as possible. To view the details of the company including contact details and a location map, click the link. The type of search performed and the level to which the details were needed will impact the outcomes. It is simple for entrepreneurs to save time and effort in searching for the perfect name for their business.